God in the Machine Rewards

You can earn a few extra Beats or Experience Points by participating to the Wiki.

  • Have you character uploaded onto Portal by the second gaming session. 1 EXP
  • Come up with a Login for your character…this is the name used in the clandestine shadow war amongst the megacorps. 1 BEAT
  • When a Promethean first meets another of their kind, there are two interactions that occur – the Measure and the Ramble. The Ramble is a tale told to the other Promethean about their origins, journey or an anecdote that they know of. Using the Adventure Log, post the Ramble you told the other members of your Throng when you first met them. Minor Milestone

My body is a cage that keeps me from dancing with the one I love, but my mind holds the key”

Achieving Milestones awards players with a Humanity Beat depending on the type of Milestone. These Beats are only used to raise Humanity.

In addition, when you make a milestone, you get a trait:

  • Minor milestone = one or two-dot Merit, Skill Specialty, level-one Transmutation
  • Major milestone = three or four-dot Merit, Skill dot, Attribute dot, level two-three Transmutation
  • Superlative milestone = five-dot Merit, level five Transmutation, Bestowment, dot of Azoth

A Promethean does not know what milestones he or she needs to achieve on their Pilgrimage, only that they will shape their journey.


God in the Machine Rewards

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