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Something is out there, something bigger than ourselves. It permeates our world and possibly even stretches into other worlds, other dimensions, and other times. Its power can be felt everywhere; it is the silent manipulator of all of human history. It has a plan, but we are not privy to it.


RIPPER: In the dark and cramped alleys of London’s East End, the Ripper hunts for victims amongst the most unfortunate of the cities denizens. Can his reign of terror be stopped and what drives this maniac to rip up his victims in such a crazed fashion? (A Mortals game set in Victorian London) 220px jackthe ripper1888
GOD IN THE MACHINE: Mercenaries run the back streets the Seattle, fighting the Shadow War for the Megacorps. Armed with the latest tech, these soldiers become more than human in order to survive the violent world around them. The Pilgrimage of a Promethean has never been more difficult in their search for mortality and what sacrifices will need to be made to save humanity as their hubris seeks to hack the mind of God itself. (A Promethean: The Created cyberpunk game set in Seattle’s future) Cyberpunk



Main Page

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