Deus ex Machina


Three Years Later

With Ernest’s mother found and the budding romance between Father John and his Mum, Ernest thought that maybe he was in for a normal life.
He tried, really tried to make this happen. For near on a year he managed to stay out of any real trouble, attend the classes Father John arranged for him, played house with the newlyweds, but the events of the Ripper case had a lasting effect of him. It started with a glimpse of something down an alleyway, the whir of a gear where there should not have been a machine and anyway he still did not know what Warren was doing in his basement and it was Father John that God acts through his servants so if you really think about it Ernest was doing God’s work.
So two months after retiring Ernest was back on the street, doing what he knew best. Fleecing the middle class, doing odd jobs for the inspector and investigating the god machine.
The events of the Ripper changed Ernest’s outlook on life, while on the surface he is still the trouble making charmer that he was before. He has developed a harder darker side, the killing of Lusk’s man and the uncountable deaths and killings that he lived through during the God Machine incident. Ernest now finds himself taking pro-active action on horrific crimes and supernatural events. Ernest has planted evidence on more than a few people that he has overheard discussing major crimes, he has killed a few more people that he believes were pawns or mistakes of the Machine, whether this is true or if he has become the pawn is yet to be determined.


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