Originally Bot5683 was a companion VR designed to be the next big thing in cyberlife. Over time the the CORPS saw a better way to make a profit, an artifical shell was created and the Bot5683 unit was “born”.

Agape was born after being rescued from the house of its fifth owner. Its owners had acquired a run down unit from a street vendor. When Agape’s propagator found it the unit was a macabre mixture of human body parts and machine.

Since awakening Agape’s journey has become a drive to experience everything that its new form is capable of. It rather enjoys the rush of being the one that controls the outcome of interactions.

We were given life to live, not hide.


Exp: 2 (1 spent)
Beats: 2
Better Exp: 1 beat
Minor 2
Major 0 (2 spent)



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